Austex is a leading professional company when it comes to generating high end regulated leads that stands in the GDPR level and compliance.

We generate traffic to Investment verticals , home made work , gaming and tourists.

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Our legal

practice areas

Labor & Employment Law

We will find the best legal or labor solution specific to your GEO

Director Insurance

We will find your managers the insurance and support that provides the best coverage.

Optimizing your team

Our knowledge will make sure that your team will be optimized for your needs.

Business Litigation

Our business partners will be able to provide sound legal advice for your sales market, from both inside and outside of the country you are based.

Human Capital is one of that unseen return of investment. If you invest correctly in your people you will gain more quickly. Investment in your people is your future.

We help people effectively fight their

offenders back and successfully defend their stance!

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  Phone/Fax: 555-234-6789 Email: fenimore@demolink.org